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Our ready-to-use content is specially designed to help you beat out the competition and grow your martial arts school – even if you’re a total social media beginner.

Ready-to-use content at your fingertips

Stop wasting time and money on unproven social media content and use ours instead. One low monthly fee gets you access to tons of great content.

Social Media Made Easy

Our content has been developed by professional marketers who understand how to generate leads. Sit back and watch the leads roll in.

Access to Resource Library

Enrolling gets you instant access to our entire library of content. It’s ever-growing, with new content being added every month. Search for content by type, event, or month so you’ll always have something to share.

Engage with Your Community

Get more likes, comments, and shares than ever before! Our content will keep your social media followers entertained and engaged – and more likely than ever to enroll in a class or stop by for a tour.

Stand Out with Video Marketing

Video marketing is more popular than ever before, and many internet users prefer it to other forms of content. Ready-to-use resources from Market Muscles produces high-quality video content that’s designed to deliver a knockout punch to your competition.

Powerful Features

When you sign up to get access to our content library, you’ll get:

Tips & Strategies

Pro tips to help you plan your social media strategy, target content to your ideal audience, and copywriting tips to help you tailor content to your specific needs.

SEO-friendly Blog Posts

Tons of SEO-friendly blog posts to establish you as an authority and help improve your search ranking with Google.

Social Graphics

Educate and entertain your followers for various events with these high quality timeline social graphics!

access up to 12 new high-quality
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Chris Feldt Samurai Karate Studio

“Market Muscles is nothing but first class in their ad graphics, their blog content and banner headlines. Everything is already done for you – including ad copy. Best of all – you get all the above for one very affordable price.”

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