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TV Content Manager

Powered by Market Muscles

Instead of settling for stale television content, choose our professional TV content management system.

professional TV content management system

Unlike anything else on the market, it provides you with an easy interface so you can impress new and prospective members and highlight important announcements.

Easy TV Content Management

Forget the hassle of creating & editing Powerpoint presentations. Our user-friendly interface lets you add, delete, or edit content easily. Change content to feature student accomplishments, upcoming events, and more!

Branded & Professionally Designed

Our professional system lets you personalize your TV content with your logo and colors so it’s instantly recognizable as yours. Uses the same design as TV networks so it’s easy for your audience to watch and absorb.

Make Updates from Anywhere

Our cloud-based system lets you make updates to your TV content whether you’re at school, at home with the family, or anywhere in the world. Set up multiple user accounts so your staff can make changes when you’re not available.

Mobile-Friendly Interface

Our easy-to-use program allows you to make updates from any computer, tablet, or mobile device.

Powerful Features

The Market Muscles television management system lets you:


Play your favorite videos from YouTube

Photo Galleries

Share photos from recent school events

Highlight Announcements

Use the news ticker to highlight important information and announcements

choose from 5 different slide options
save up to 10 hours per month
Michael Evans Four Gates Kung Fu

“Though I've only been using Market Muscles for a few months, I can truly say that I love the quality of the products put out. I also use the lobby TV service, which has saved me HOURS of work by providing a simply framework in which to add my content.”

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