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Powered by Market Muscles

Your website should be working as hard as you do. If you’re not getting a steady stream of qualified leads, it’s time for an update.

The Market Muscles Difference

Our websites are designed by professionals who understand what makes a martial arts school website effective. They’ll help you save time, make money, and beat out your competition.

Built for Lead Generation

Our websites are built to help you attract new leads 24 hours a day. We’ll provide you with a professional website complete with expert copy and a clear call to action that is crafted to persuade visitors to your site to take the next step.

Enroll Members Online

For your website to be effective, prospects must be able to enroll in classes online. With our websites, prospects can sign up for trials using a secure payment option. That means you can enroll members even when you’re spending time with your family.


Easily feed lead information directly into your client management program of choice.


Built for all devices

As of 2015, more searches happen on mobile devices than on computers. That means your site has to be mobile-ready. All of our sites are designed to look great no matter which device prospects use to view it – and that ensures the first impression you make is always a good one.

Powerful Features

At Market Muscles, our sites have powerful features to help you build authority and grow your business:

Text Message Notifications

Instant text notifications so you can follow up with leads while they’re hot

Social Proof

Social proof in the form of genuine images and reviews from your school

Content Management System

Round-the-clock access to make changes to your site – or have us make them for you

An Average Of 23 high quality leads
generated per month
An Average Of 300% increase of leads when switching to Market Muscles
Jimmy Pedro Pedro's Judo Center

“Our experience with Market Muscles has been AMAZING. From 3-5 leads per month to over 20, not only is our website beautiful and incredibly user-friendly. It gets results. I cannot say enough positive things about them.”
Martial Arts Tested and Olympian Approved

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